Basic Tokyo Walking Tour (Tour code: tt12a)

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The tour visits some of the most popular spots in Tokyo with good reputation. Old and modern, intriguing historical sites and relaxing scenic beauty. The best tour for the first timer.

Visiting Spots
Asakusa; Old downtown district with historic Sensoji temple and Nakamise traditional Shopping arcade,
Akihabara; Japan's pop culture center and a row of electric stores,
; The most prestigious shopping districts,
Imperial place; The residence for the Emperor, the symbol of the unity of the Japanese,
; Aesthetically pleasing Shinjuku Gyoen Park, intriguing Golden gai streets, flamboyant Kabuki-cho.

Price: 30,000yen
(includes tax, per group up to six guests) *Please ask us for a special discount for a solo traveler.

Dates: Mon. thru San.

Time: 9:30 - 17:30

-9:30 Meet at a hotel (or a station)
-Asakusa: Sensoji and Nakamise shopping st..
-Akihabara: Kotobukiya, Don Quijote and toys, games, figure shops.
-12:30 Lunch time in Akihabara (Lunch is not included in the tour, we help you find a restaurant according to your taste.)
-Ginza, Chuo dori shopping st.., Mitsukoshi Department store , Kyukyo do paper shop
-Imperial Palace outer garden
-Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Golden gai st., Kabukicho
-17:30 Disband

*The price does not include public transportation (about 1000-1500yen per person), meals, admission fees, and insurance.
*You can add and subtract destinations depending on your interests and schedule.
*If you would like the guide to join you for lunch, please cover lunch expenses for the guide.
*The Itinerary is subject to modification due to unforeseen circumstances.

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The core of the old city, Asakusa is few of Tokyo's most traditional towns from the Edo period(1603-1867). It has several shopping streets that offer traditional Japanese goods like "Geta" (Wooden clogs), Yukata (light cotton robe), Furoshiki (rapping cloth), etc. Also, Sensoji temple, built in the begging of seventh centuty, Hanayashiki (amusement archade) have long attracted millions of tourists every year. You will learn the meaning of five-story pagoda and straw sandals.

Sensoji temple
Akihabara is known as Electric town, and is also called Japan's pop culture center. Akihabara is a bit different from other shopping districts; the town has more specialty stores that cater to enthusiastic fans. The fans include audio fans, PC fans, animation fans, comic fans, comic character fans, video games fans.
Now the pop culture stores are more dominant than electrical stores. Still this is one of the best places to buy electrical appliances, especially PC parts and related gadgets.
Today, Ginza is the most prestigious and fashionable shopping district in Tokyo. This was the area of the city assigned to a group of silver-smiths between the 17th and l9th centuries. There was also a mint here when silver coins were made. There is a humorous saying that Ginza was once the place where money was made, but now it is the place where money is spent. At the famous intersection called Ginza 4-chome, there is Mitsukoshi Department Store which is the first department store in Japan opened in 1904 modeled after "Harrods" in London.
Imperial palace
The city of Tokyo grew around the present Imperial Palace, which was once called Edo Castle, the largest feudal castle in Japan. After the historical political change happened in mid19c called Meiji Restoration, the Imperial family took over the castle ground and has been living there ever since. The palace covers an area of 284 acres, and is surrounded by a series of beautiful moats and bridges including Nijubashi or "Double-bridge" which is the main entrance to the palace. The picture of the double bridge often adorn the cover of tourist magazines as the symbol of Japan.
Imperial Palace
"Shinjuku has everything." so said the visiting tourists. The entire city - including underground - is filled with shops, restaurants, bars, name it! After absorbing the unique culture of bustling Kabukicho, take a rest at Shinjuku Gyoen Park and traditional Japanese style garden will ease your tiring mind. Shinjuku is often called "the town that never sleeps" as the dazzling neon signs creates a wonderful nightscape.
Basic Tokyo Walking Tour (Tour code: tt12a)
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